Ever since the first swing-axle low-loaders in 1953, Nooteboom low-loaders have been setting the trend in Europe and even farther around the world. New developments initiated by Nooteboom have served as a model for numerous other manufacturers in the field. Nowadays Nooteboom has a wide range of low-loaders, varying from 2 to 11 hydraulically steered axles and with a maximum payload of up to 90 tons.

For these low-loaders you can choose a floor from our extensive load floor line that exactly meets your specific transport requirements. Depending on the type of floor, the width can be extended to just over 4 meters, the length to approx. 30 meters.

camioane-platformajoasa1  camioane-platformajoasa2  



semi trailer with low loaders

The new semi trailer with low loaders is the supreme solution for regarding payload capacity and maneuverability.

The design and components of MCO-PX are based on the low-loader model PX2, with the same main advantages. In the last few months, Nooteboom has undertaken discussions regarding various MCO-PX designs, along many European clients. As a result the low loader semi trailer has been created, offering the widest range of solutions.

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Drawbar Trailers

Nooteboom drawbar trailers equal simple and effective transport solutions, offering up to more than 30 tons payload capacity. They are the first choice of companies who, behind their truck or tractor, transport their own material such as earthmoving and road construction machinery, containers, pallets, pipes, building materials etc.

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Low-loader trailer and semi trailer for oversized load material, type TÜ

This particular model is amongst the most representative Nooteboom products, being highly qualitative and reliable.

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