Nooteboom Trailers is a joint venture between Automecanica and the Dutch group Nooteboom Trailers B.V., the European market leader in the design and production of vehicles for abnormal road transport with payloads from 20 up to 1000 tones.

In order to further build on this trend-setting position, Nooteboom continuously strives to improve quality and service.

The product range includes semi-trailers (such as extendible and hydraulically steered low-loaders, semi low-loaders, flat bed and modular platform trailers) and trailers, each and every one of them an innovative and efficient transport solution with an excellent price/quality ratio. Put on the road and kept there by more than 350 extremely dedicated and customer-orientated employees. The extensive range of vehicles is just a part of the total package Nooteboom offer their customers.

You can call on Nooteboom for a solution to virtually any transport problems you may have, so you can be assured of optimal operating efficiency, cost control and above all, reliability. That’s how Nooteboom, together with their customers, are and remain ‘Trendsetters in Trailers’.

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