The services offered Automecanica Medias SRL in the field of ironworks are as follows:

  • Formative introductive courses for welders, turners and milling-machine operators
  • Construction of metal structures, including custom design and manufacture of spare parts and components.
  • Metal parts on request, including design and bench-mark drawing of steel, stainless steel or aluminum units.
  • Welding, cutting steel plates and metal parts using plasma, oxyfuel and mechanical guillotine services, bending and mechanical prefabrication (turning, milling, CNC milling machine type, etc.)
  • Chassis prototypes for a wide variety of vehicles.
  • Service and maintenance for auto structures, hydraulic devices and their components.
  • Service and maintenance for auto superstructures, special transport vehicles and their components.
Amongst the latest production activities conducted in the Industrial Park wood processing holds a top position with the production of sturdy wooden stair cases of various types (CNC cut-out operations, finishing operations, as well as varnishing) according to the clients’ requests.


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