SC Automecanica SA first takes shape in 1941 under the name A.S.A.M. (National Aeronautical Workhouse Mediaș). The name is changed into Automecanica Enterprise in 1962 ever since it started gaining experience in various fields ranging from the execution of superstructures for the aircraft industry to the execution of superstructures for the automotive industry, as well as offering consultancy.

2007 – it develops into an Industrial Park and receives accreditation by the Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reform.

The Company undertakes production and commercial activities in partnership or joint venture with European leaders of the automotive field.

automecanicA SERVICES

  • Maintenance for auto superstructures, their equipments and spare parts.
  • Construction of metal structures, including custom design and manufacture of parts and steel components, stainless steel, aluminum;
  • Welding, cutting steel plates and metal parts using plasma, oxyfuel and mechanical guillotine, bending and mechanical prefabrication (turning, milling, CNC milling machine type, etc.)
  • Sandblasting and painting industries.
  • Consulting services regarding production activities of superstructures.
  • Formative introductive courses for welders, turners and milling-machine operators.
  • One of the latest production activities undertaken in the Industrial Park consists in wood processing and the production of sturdy wooden stair cases of various types (CNC cut-out operations, finishing operations, as well as varnishing) according to the clients’ requests.


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  SC Automecanica Parc Industrial SRL offers: Maintenance of the utility providing networks performed by personnel within Automecanica Industrial Park, as well as in
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Our products

  • Productie autobasculante


    This model is a classic of the Langendorf production line. This type of special vehicles are used for the transport of construction materials, metal waste, or even for work done in stone quarries around the globe, and they can be placed on every type of undercarriage...

  • Productie cisterne

    Semi trailer tanker

    Suction-pressure tanker - 12500 liter suction-pressure tanker for the transport of dangerous substances ADR label: class 3, class 9 ... the semi trailer Tanker (aluminium) - 37.500 - 40.000 liter – for the transport of petrol products, vehicle and aircraft fuel vegetal oil, lubricants...

  • Productie autogunoiere

    Waste compactors

    ur model of waste compactor incorporates the latest technology used for category of garbage compactors for waste collection. The reliability, the easy operation system and the capacity to collect any type of garbage, are aspects which made this particular model the most popular model...

  • Productie trailere


    Ever since the first swing-axle low-loaders in 1953, Nooteboom low-loaders have been setting the trend in Europe and even farther around the world. New developments initiated by Nooteboom have served as a model for numerous other manufacturers in the field. Nowadays Nooteboom...

  • Productie scari

    Stair production

    Beech staircase with handrail CHOPIN, Two bar staircase with handrail 100, Exterior metal staircase, It can be used as an evacuation exit for industrial buildings not higher than 100m. It can also serve as a secondary stairway from the balcony into the garden, regarding family houses...

  • Bariere acustice si semnalistica - Forster

    Forster RO

    Noise control systems have become a sine-qua-non component of road systems. Wherever a high-capacity traffic route adjoins residential areas, a noise barrier will be both necessary and useful. The traffic signs are manufactured from aluminium or steel board...